15 August 2006


Oregarus reminded me of a few things today, one of which is the fact that I haven't posted anything new here in like 2 weeks or some shit.
The other is this clip (yeah, I know, "YouTube Dumpster" and such...)
I hadn't seen this in at least 15 years, but now it seems brilliant, at least in a Hoosier context. Every IU basketball game started out this way. I still can't figure out who that lady is. What is her name, what's her story?
Also, notice the Hook's Drugs ad. Sweet! I totally forgot about Hook's Drugs. (The only better pharmacy name also resides in Indiana--Corydon's Butt Drugs.) My folks still have one of the tiny Hook's carts in their garage. How tiny is it? Tiny enough that it was stolen in the back of a Ford Festiva. Last time I was home, Mom was using it for laundry.

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