24 August 2006

The last few weeks

I've been kinda busy with the job hunt over the past few weeks, the blog sort of fell by the wayside, and even now that I'm no longer on the searh, I just haven't got back into it. The job hunt was successful by the way, my last day at the Oil Shack is the 1st of September, then I have a nice 3-day weekend in Seattle, puppy-sitting for some friends, (the closest thing we're getting to a vacation this year,) then Tuesday is my first day at the new job.

I've been out enjoying the waning days of summer here and there but I'm just not summer people. Its so hot and sunny for two whole months here and I hate it! Luckily, the whole ordeal is almost over for this season and we can get back to green grass, moss on the trees, and the sound of Tri-Met splashing up the street every 15 minutes.

We did manage to make it out to Kelly Point the other day. That's the park at the confluence of the mighty Willamette and the mightier Columbia. Not exactly a popular swimming beach, but every dog and even a few of us humans were out in it. It was a hot day, and the Willamette was nice to stand waist deep in.

Some really huge boats were floating by pretty close to the beach, reminding us that we were right between Terminal 5 and Terminal 6. That boat in the front is a pretty big craft, but the big'un is just crazy huge!

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