01 August 2006

Holy Shit, Hee Haw

These were the only words out of my mouth as I was flipping through channels the other night. Any of ya'll who grew up in the south (or in the doormat of the south) will have fond or not so fond memories of the Hee Haw. On the Terre Haute station, I remember Solid Gold coming on right after Hee Haw. Maybe that's just my wierd little kid memories, but what a culturefuck.
Anyway, Hee Haw is on CMT now, just last weekend there was a Hee Haw marathon, and this week there seems to be an hour or two on every night.

On a side note, I once touched Roy Clark's hair plugs.
Long story short, I did audio and light tech work for a show starring Roy Clark, Frank Sinatra Jr, (he was a dick) and Tommy Smothers (who was also kind of a dick, but in a different way.)
After the show, I'm loading equipment into Roy Clark's tour bus, trying to clear all the shit out of the venue, and I turn around to Roy himself, hoisting a crate into the bus, bumping his head into my arm. A true brush with fame. Roy is an awesome guy to work with.


Scotty said...

We used to pick up WTWO...Terre Haute station on our antenna when i was growing up. In Bedford, the Cable statiion doesn't carry it. I was at my parents house the other day and the Channel 2 news was on and I was shocked to see Mark Allen. Isn't he like 100 years old or something? Sheesh!

J said...

Looks like he's crossed over to Channel 10 WTHI leaving the train wreck that is WTWO news behind. WTWO is the station that was ridiculed recently by the daily show for their absurd weather "attack ads."
I remember watching WTWO news just because you always knew something was going to go wrong on live TV. Glad to see they're keeping up the good work.

Shae said...

OK, that's totally weird, because I once touched Hank William Jr.'s hair piece.