23 February 2009

These are the Churches in my Neighborhood

This used to be St Paul Church Of God In Christ. It was for sale back in 2007 when I took this picture. It has since sold, but I'm not sure what's going on with it. All I know is they ditched a perfectly good piano over the weekend. Luckily, someone saved it.

Immaculate Heart, the pink church on the corner a block up the hill from la casa. The best paint job of all the neighborhood churches. Their steeple is the tallest thing in the neighborhood. You can see it from across the river.

This church is caddy-corner from the one in that first picture. Until recently, it was painted a perfectly respectable shabby white. (See the google street view image below) It was Mt Gillard Missionary Baptist‎, now we just refer to it as the "Paint Sale Church."

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