17 February 2009

Monster Jam

Rose Garden Arena parking lot. Cleanup after Monster Jam. (You have to read the words "monster jam" in a "Sunday Sunday Sunday" voice.) Grave Digger won all three nights. Where's the sport? I just happened to walk by as they were removing the cars that didn't get too smashed to be loaded up and moved on to Spokane for next weekend's shows.
Lots of auto memories in this rainbow of '80's American steel. That Delta 88 is just like the one my Aunt used to have, only her's wasn't yellow. There was even a Chevy Celebrity in the white section that looked a lot like my old ride from high school.

We speculated about why they were color coded. Are the blue ones going onto a different truck than the yellow ones? Is it just because the forklift driver is anal about organizing things and couldn't stand the thought of them being all mixed up?

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daveellis said...

I'll bet it's a weight class thing, so when they calc their loads, they know by color.