08 February 2009

From the Portland Streets

A nice looking specimen in the Overlook Neighborhood. I've loved these Saabs since I first rode in one that a high school friend had.
I specifically recall a sticky hot summer day. We were in summer band and had a lunch break, so we cruised on over to his folk's restaurant for lunch.
The Saab was rusty white, my ass was sweating against the Swedish vinyl. We were blasting "Dream On" by Aerosmith on a Discman that was somehow wired into the two speakers that probably weren't original.
A few months later he crashed the thing and walked away unscathed, like he would with many more Saabs to follow.

Its like a little aerodynamic tank that looks like it might be able to fly or float. I don't think I've ever seen one in powder blue before.

This one seems to have never seen a bad day, a little faded with basic wear and tear, but otherwise perfect.

Just a note: if you're ever trying to make a quick getaway in one of these, you got to put it in Reverse to make it start. Yeah, its weird, but that's just the way of the Saab.

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