02 September 2008

Parked on the Portland Streets

One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Portland was the amount of weird old cars still on the road here. Things like Datsun 210's and 1976 Chevy trucks that have been mostly digested by rock salt back in Indiana are still plentiful here on the streets of the Rose City. Inspired by the Down on the Street photos on Jalopnik, this is my first post of some random neat old stuff parked around my 'hood.

This Ford dumptruck was parked on the street below my friend's apartment for months. I noticed the tow warning sticker and got a few pics of it before it went away to Impound Land.

I used to sit in the 3rd story window and daydream about all the things I could haul around in this awesome old dump truck.

This Buick Regal, possibly a '75? A Canadian specimen, with BC plates, captured at a trailhead in the Gorge. My grandparents had a red '74 that almost ended up in my hands. It looked almost like this one, only with a meaner, pointer grille. Now I'm kinda glad it didn't end up with me, but it would've been awesome when I was 20 and the price of gas was negligible.

This Powerwagon is still kickin' it as a daily driver, I even see it being used for things that you can only do with a pick-up truck quite often. She's kinda loud, but she gets the job done...

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