19 August 2007

Willamette Valley Outing

Today was to be spent helping friends move their stuff into storage while they're studying abroad for the year.

Due to an early Armoir injury on the stairs, I was excused from heavy lifting. For a little while, it looked like I had a ping pong ball trying to escape from my shin. Luckily some icepack action and morning beer made it all better. My official job was "wrapper of framed art." Being out of the moving game, it gave me plenty of time to take pictures of random shit as everyone else packed the truck. I hobbled along with everyone down the valley to the storage space and supervised, oh, and I took a lot of pictures...

The cutest beer label ever.

Breakin' the law!

Rad 80's signage.

A Corvallis institution. They have an impressive beer selection, including a new brew for us, Calapooia ESB, from Albany. Great place. The Squirrelburger can't be beat.

Dude. Take it outside! Not cool...

Old World Deli & Oregon Trail Brewery has a little beer museum in the entryway. Check out the label on the neck of that Oly bottle. Its like something Dr. Bronner would scrawl, only it makes sense.

Thank you to whoever deciphered that before the label disintegrated to its current state. Even up close, it has deteriorated so much that its barely legible.

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