28 August 2007

Back to Bull Run

Portland has not only turned me into a beer snob, but as of late I've become a tap water snob as well. Last year, I ditched the nasty Brita pitcher that I never changed the filter in anyway. Now I just have a big pitcher of tap water, chilled in the fridge. The water here is so untreated, and in a good way. Hardly ever a hint of chlorine or saltiness, just straight up Bull Run water, fed mostly by gravity into my kitchen.
My recent trip to the NC Coast made me realize how special it is to have tap water that's so pristine. We purchased at least 20 gallons of bottled water just to drink in the beach house because the water was so nasty. I grew up with well water that smelled and tasted slightly of sulfur, but at least that was drinkable. Kinda like Pluto water...
Here in the Portland summer time, the water bureau fires up the pumps at the wellfield to supplement the supply through the crunch time, but due to the lower water demand this summer, we're back to 100% Bull Run water ahead of schedule. Pour yourself a big ol' glass and celebrate what's quite possibly the tastiest municipal water in the country.
And check out the water blog. Always a fun geeky read.


Shae said...

So weird that you should bring up Pluto water. My brother dug in the yard when he was a kid and unearthed a pretty green bottle with the word Pluto on it.

My mom still has it, and recently asked me to research it for her on the Interwebz. Of course I found the famous Pluto water laxative, which I'd never heard of before... and here it is again! Small world.

Yar said...

I used to live about a mile and a half up hill from the Bull Run north of Sandy. We had a 400' deep well. I drank that water for four years and it was the sweetest water I've had in my life and the sweetest I ever expect to drink.