20 August 2007

Charlie Rose Archive

Over 4000 hours of Charlie Rose interviews with damn near everyone you can think of. I've got plans for the next three nights at least...
The "Music" section alone has 17 pages, from Bjork to Pinchas Zukerman. The "books" section has 1214 interviews! Holy shit that's a lot of Charlie Rose!
When I did my time as a board-op for a PBS station, Charlie Rose was the highlight of my evening. It was always the last hour of my shift of 8 hours of watching TV, and only doing anything other than watching TV about once every hour, when I had to spring into action for three minutes of station break. By 11, no one was in the building except me and a couple maintenance folks, I could put my feet up on the desk and watch Charlie Rose. Even if he's interviewing someone I've never heard of, I'm still compelled to watch. On OPB, its on at midnight, and at 1 pm, so I never really get to see it. This is one of the best video archives on the entire nets! And that's such a dignified baseball cap from the Charlie Rose shop.

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