09 May 2007

"Word around the office is you've got a fat cock"

I found this video too amusing not to post, even though it did come from ebaumsworld, a website that's notorious for ripping off content from all over the net and claiming it as their own, then threatening those who they've ripped off with their silly lawyer bullshit. I won't link to them, but I will link to ebaumsworldsucks.com.

"Smells like fresh vagina in here."

And while we're on the subject of content thieves, check out urban counterfeiters.

See also: A great collection of images by ripoff artist Todd Goldman (Boys are stupid throw rocks at them) side by side with the actual original thoughts...

And also: You Thought we wouldn't Notice - "A site dedicated to pointing out those things that give you that feeling of 'haven't I seen that somewhere before?'"

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