24 May 2007

best Fark P-shop contest Evars!!


And my favorite Prez, mainly just because of Hoosier pride, William Henry Harrison...

He died in office after twenty-some days, from a cold caught during his long-winded inauguration speech on a cold windy March afternoon, where he refused to wear a coat...

If for some reason you ever find yourself in Vincennes, Indiana, check out Grouseland, the WHH home where he lived as governor of the Indiana Territory.
Vincennes was Indiana's first town, founded in 1732, (despite being a redneck paradise now, where the historic downtown is falling down around folks who don't give a shit, who drive out to the edge of town to save a few pennies by shopping at the ginormous Wal-Mart Supercenter,) is still my third favorite historic Indiana town, falling in just behind West Baden & French Lick, which have seen an intense revitalization as of late due to a new casino and restoration of their luxury hotel, originally the turf of Chicago gangsters who needed a beautiful place to lay low within an easy day's train ride of the city.
I'm not quite sure who's plunking down the $300 a night to stay in French Lick these days, but I have to say "thanks" to them for helping return one of my favorite down home historic buildings to its former grandeur.

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Shae said...

I haven't been to Vincennes since the regular grade school field trip, but that stuff sounds worth checking out!

As for French Lick, I love that place. Never stayed in the hotel, but the restaurant is like heaven.