10 May 2007

Mayor Tom's Power Grab

If you live in Portland, you might or might not know there's an election coming up. With our mail-in ballots, its too late to send them in the mail, you gotta take them to the library or down to 1040 SE Morrison.
I'm not usually one to weigh in on political issues, but on this one I gotta say "No" to everything...
26-89, 26-90, 26-91 & 26-92 are all poorly written, (in true Oregon fashion) measures that undermine Portland's charter, (our city's "constitution") which has worked quite well for Portland for years and years while other big cities have abandoned it, mostly due to big money interests, which makes me suspicious of Mayor Tom. I once voted for him, finding him the lesser of evils...
Amanda Fritz explains it all quite elequantly on her blog. I trust her, I voted for her as well.
Unfortunately, it seems my neighbor is in Mayor Tom's pocket, and has convinced almost my whole neighborhood to follow suit.
For all three of you Portlanders who read this blog, for god's sake, vote "No" on everything. Its all a bunch of bullshit! Come on, Paul Allen and Qwest are all for it. How can it be in the best interest of the city?

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