27 December 2006

Back to PDX

I've made it out of Indiana successfully once again. Now back in Portland, I'm trapped inside even though it looks like a beautiful day out there. The luggage didn't make it out of SFO, so I'm waiting around for luggage delivery dude to show.
Luckily I came home to find two big ol' blocks of the aged Tillamook, and a tub o' homemade fudge courtesy of G's Mom.

I planned on
spending my day off work taking a leisurely walk, re-acquainting myself with the city even though I was only gone a week. I really wanted to go get a slice of Hot Lips Pizza, but alas, I was stuck with my own creation of Trader Joe's frozen pizza with aforementioned aged cheddar and some summer sausage (also courtesy of G's mom).


crallspace said...

Where in IND did you go?

I grew up in Schererville and went to school at Ball State. I always dream about going back and I get a warm feeling (in the dreams) when I tell people that I now live in ORE.

I haven't visited home in the few years I've been here. Did you fly out of O Hare?

crallspace said...

Why do I call IND home? ORE is home. If I moved back, I'd go insane!