23 December 2006

44.0 kbps

Photos are out of the question for the moment as I'm blogging from my childhood home on Haney Ridge instead of from Sellwood Street tonight. I've been back home again in Indiana now for a few days, enjoying the solitude of the country, catching up with folks I haven't seen in a year, or in some cases people I haven't seen in five years. I promise there'll be some photos to come of my Indiana adventures once I get back to Portland and my broadband. Dad just got a new camera I've gotta go try out.
Luckily I somehow scored a rental SUV (one of the tiny ones at least) so there's been a little muddin' going on. I can't wait to see the Hertz guys' faces as I pull up to return the thing on Tuesday. I made the drive into Bloomington yesterday only using about three miles of actual state highway. Even after five years away, I still know Greenetucky county roads intimately.
Tomorrow after church (sigh, it is christmas, and it makes Mom happy), I plan on making it out to the Viaduct (as we call it locally, it is officially known as the Tulip Trestle) to take some pictures and splash around on some of the shittiest excuses for roads I can think of. There's also a couple of my favorite abandoned houses out around Mineral & Koleen. I need to see if they're still standing. Oh, and the Crane Village school, I almost forgot about that... Should be a hoot.
Well, better start publishing this post, go open another Upland Dragonfly IPA, and maybe by the time I'm finished with it, this post will be online.

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