29 December 2006

"An Attack is Not Taking Place"

"The Day Called X" is a beautiful little piece of ephemera. Made for CBS around 1957, it shows Portland in her... umm... "not so freshest" days. "Out of fashion" buildings were being or had been demolished in the throes of early urban planning and the city had very little character at this period.

I really dig that he uses the phrase "shining the pumper."

I also noticed that the shoulder patch for the Portland Police Bureau has remained pretty much unchanged since the time this was filmed.

Just before the 15:00 mark, there's some really cool footage of the old Morrison Bridge.
If you can get past the "Banshee wail of the siren," that seems endless in the first few minutes, this is really cool.

Kelley Butte, the location of the underground city hall, is definitely on my list. I tried real hard to find it a few years ago via tri-met and on foot, but failed. 103rd! Not a whole lot to see, but still worth the trip.

Check out Cyclotram, where I found the Kelley Butte info and discovered a really awesome new daily visit. Thanks!

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