07 May 2009

Spray on tan legislation

Sigh. When any news story from Southern Indiana makes it to the west coast, its always for all the wrong reasons. Either a tornado wiped out a town, someone did something really stupid and got caught, or parents are freaking out about something vaguely sexual.
This story almost falls into two of those categories. Spray-on-Tan-Dude probably should've used better judgement and had a female staff member perform the spraying down of the naked teenage girl, but I like to give him the benefit of doubt, he was just doing his job, spraying fake tans on anyone who pays the money and assumes the position.
A side note for all you non-hoosiers, State Rep. Borders is an Elvis impersonator, and a pretty damn good one. When reading the article, his quotes are in an Elvis voice.

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Andy said...

Gotta admit, given the topic this is an unfortunate quote: "I definitely would be interested in taking a look at that..."