03 May 2009

Highway 22

I found this old sign in an unlikely place, on the wall by the bathrooms at McFadden's in Old town. Not a place I'd usually be, in fact on a Saturday night I'd probably stand in the rain to avoid going in.
After watching the Derby in the bar at Dan & Louie's, (one of my personal 'happy places') we got caught in a crazy thunderstorm, so like any normal Portlanders, we took shelter in the nearest open bar.
In the afternoon, McFadden's is a quiet pub with anything you want on the TV, $2 happy hour food from 4-6, and a decent beer selection. Sure, its a little sterile and unauthentic, but there's lots of worse places, and in a downpour it was a godsend, and I got to see this old-school Oregon route marker.

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amateria1121 said...

Years ago there used to be one of these on the Scholls Ferry Road overpass on Hwy 217. They took it down sometime in the past 10 years I think...