07 April 2009

"Adios Coliseum," or "My Change of Heart about Mayor Sam."

Or, "My disjointed off the cuff reaction to news of the the plans to demolish Memorial Coliseum and build a Sports and Wine Disneyland."

Three years of Mayor Potter's silly tantrums and total lack of vision made me anxious for a regime change in Portland City Hall.
Anxious enough that I drove around the city one Sunday morning last year to put up your signs, but your disorganized campaign people sent us on a wild goose chase to houses that already had signs in the yard.
I was a little discouraged, but I really believed we were on the same page, it seemed we shared a lot of the same visions for the city. Even though I knew you had never done anything other than "politic" since before you entered the workforce, somehow I believed that you were above most of the bullshit and would stand up to the things I assumed you also found repulsive.
I rallied behind you when news of the "incident" broke. I defended you to co-workers and even tried real hard to convince my partner that you were still exactly what the city needed, and eventually everyone will realize that this "scandal" is overblown and ridiculous and city business will continue as usual after it all blows over.
Four months later, here we are, we've got a 12 lane bridge to funnel Vancouverites into the city and now my neighborhood is going to be a theme park for suburban sports fans.
Its now clear that I was mistaken about our shared vision for the city. I now find myself hoping that the current economic climate will slow growth enough that your fucked up visions for the city will never come to fruition. Are these really your ideas, or are you just unable to wield any real authority anymore?

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