18 November 2008

it’s like meat with a pause button

When the economy turns sour, folks turn to everyone's favorite salty sweet canned meat product, Spam. Sales are through the roof, the folks at the Spam factory are working overtime to keep our shelves filled with the "spiced ham" meat-like loaf.

Say what you
will about it, my Grandma made a mean fried Spam-wich, even if she did use Treet sometimes. I've also had some tasty Spam infused Hawaiian dishes. After reading this article, I'm thinking about buying a can next time I'm at the store. I remember when I was a kid I used to love it fried, with pork & beans on the side. Maybe I can even make some SOS with spam instead of chipped beef, that sounds like comfort food at its saltiest best.


Slammin' Sam said...

We have an awesome spam meatloaf recipe from back in the day if you'd like it.

Yummy yummy spam!

John D said...

As soon as my socket heals, I'm gonna have to make some Spam Fried Rice.