01 November 2008

Indiana swings

A typical Indiana front yard, festive scarecrow, some folksy sign that probably has the family's name, a Camaro in the driveway, the Stars and Bars, an Obama sign...
I hate to mention the location of this house because its in the whipping boy of po-dunk little racist enclaves all across Southern Indiana, Martinsville. I've always thought Martinsville was unfairly pigeonholed because its between Indianapolis and Bloomington, the two most liberal cities in the state. Does anyone know of the specific incidents that make it stand out as the racist hotspot everyone believes it to be?
For a state where 80 years ago over half of the elected state officials were Klansman, Indiana has come a long way.


Kernsie said...

Here is an example:


h.Lo said...

Whoa! WTF?!?! The confederate flag alongside Obama support? I think we have evidence of a very conflicted soul living in this home. I'm scared.

Elizabeth said...

There's an article about this house: http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/2008/10/31/news.qp-8247875.sto

It's a couple: he likes the flag: "Livingston said he doesn’t consider the flag a racist symbol. “I think it’s (the flag is) about the South and it’s a pretty flag,” he said." but doesn't vote and she likes Obama.