20 August 2008


Update - The video was promptly taken down from all the usual sources, but it is still available here.

Hungarian weightlifter Janos Baranyai dislocates his elbow.
Use care, the video is pretty nasty, but still not as bad as this still image of the infamous "blown 'O' ring." (Use even more care with that picture. Don't click that link in mixed company, unless you really want to bother someone for the rest of the day, or risk losing your job.)

I love the officially branded "Beijing 2008 Nothing to See Here" shields that come out about ten seconds after he falls down. If you can't see the writhing, everything is alright...

1 comment:

Slammin' Sam said...

nbc already nixed the video. st00pid copyright ;)

i'm actually kind of glad. i just finished lunch.