04 July 2008

The Great Depression, in Color

"Bound for Glory" is an exhibition of color images taken during the Great Depression by photogs from the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information. Lots of great pictures from a period of history that I find fascinating.
When I saw the first image in the set, "Road cut into the barren hills which lead into Emmett" I immediately remembered a picture I took back in February when we went to Idaho. It was a loser, a throwaway shot that didn't make my final cut of Idaho shots. It was a quick one that I took from an historical marker pull-off, in-between cars whizzing by at 65. The angle is a bit different, but after staring at the brown hills in both photos for a couple days, I still can't decide if its the same spot. Brown hills all look the same...

July 1941

February 2008

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StuckeySpalt said...

I can't believe how clear and full of color all the pictures are. It really gives a different perspective of a time period that I thought of as actually taking place in sepia. Many of the pictures look like O Brother, Where Art Thou? as well.