15 November 2007

Inner Chef

--"The elite city of Bloomington harbors an elitist, faggot business called The Inner Chef which openly and unabashedly claim they are against God Almighty." --John Lewis, Old Paths Church

If you find yourself in Bloomington, be sure to check out Inner Chef, on the West side of the square. Owned and operated by an old friend, (that's him modeling the products in each section on the site), Inner Chef is B-town's premier store for kitchenwares and nice food. He even carries whole leaf tea from the Tao of Tea. Hooray for Oregon businesses selling abroad!
Its been a couple of years since the store has made the news.

On a related note, its especially difficult to find any news out of Bloomington since the "paper of record" still maintains it's subscription only website. It seemed stupid 10 years ago when they first went online to have a subscription only newspaper website. Now it just seems sad.
You can read the headlines, but you can't steal the news. What's up with that? Who runs the Herald Times now? $70 a year to read a small town newspaper online? I'll stick with my weekly read of the Bloomfield Free Press for my news from home.

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