07 November 2007

Cheers to Cathay Market

My corner store seems to be listed on the internets as "Cathy Market," even though their sign and my bank statements say "Cathay." Regardless, their beer selection is pretty kick ass for a corner store. The new owners have dropped the prices a bit, 6 packs of micros for $7.50, pretty much across the board. They even have Fish Tale and Lagunitas, a couple of my favorites, even if they're not Oregon Beer.
Tonight I got a 22oz of the second in Lagunitas's Zappa series, the Kill Ugly Radio Ale. It isn't identified as any particular style, but it tastes like a good ol' Northwest IPA. Nice and hoppy and bitter, masking the fact that its damn near 8%.
Lagunitas doesn't have any info about it on their site, but there are a couple of reviews.

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