12 September 2007

Beater Review

"Buying new is for suckers."

These guys review almost every car I've ever spent much time with. No Hyundai Excel, the hands-down favorite of all my past rides, but there's Mom's Chevy Corsica that always ran hot when you got stuck in traffic for more than two minutes, but had the best manual adjustable driver's seat of any shitbox 'merican car in the '90's. Then there's Dad's S-10 pickup that somehow managed to go well over 100 mph through Mineral that one time, and didn't even bust anything that one time we ramped off one of the hills out by Tulip.
My current ride, G's Sube is even represented. The all wheel drive Impreza, even the stock 1.9L version we have is a great car. It handles nicely on gravel and snow and slick, wet Portland streets. Its only left us stranded once when the radiator blew somewhere just below the summit of the Coast Range in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain.

Beater Review posts a new review every Monday. You can even submit your own suggestions.

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