24 April 2007

Hey Hoosiers

Here's a tourist attraction I want ya'll to go check out and let me know if its worth my while next time I'm there..
Dr. Ted's Musical Marvels.
How did I not know about this place? It seems its always been there, down by that Mega Maze thing we used to go to south of Jasper.
I've had an obsession with Marsh's Free Museum since my first visit to the Long Beach Peninsula, and this place seems to blow it out of the water. There's just something about old Nickelodeons and "automatics" that make me feel happy inside. Fun stuff, and it seems Dr. Ted has quite a collection.

Head down 37 past Paoli and English to I 64, then 30 miles West. Unless you're familiar with the state highway maze, in which case, head out of B-town on Bloomfield Rd. Follow the signs for "Loogootee," , then head down past Huntingburg towards Santa Claus, you can't miss it.

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Shae said...

That's down near my old stomping grounds. I haven't been but I'll see what I can do next time I make a trip to my home town.