26 April 2007

Fuck the Tram

I kinda like the tram. Sure it ended up costing us about 4 times the original estimate, and sure, its a special kind of sweetheart deal that Oregon is known for, but somehow I still think its cool. I've yet to ride it since it doesn't really go anywhere I need to go, but I drive under it every now and then and I think it looks really cool as you drive into the city from the south, with the skyline that appears out of nowhere, and those crazy silver testicle shaped tram cars hovering over you, and the support post that actually doesn't look like "an ugly ski lift at a bad resort" like it might have if the city had skimped at the time they were getting the most heat for the debacle.

However, there's some folks who live beneath the path of the tram who have hung this banner that's made me giggle all day. KATU is all over it. I don't think I've ever seen the word "F-bomb" used on the local news, especially in a headline!

Here's a better pic from flickr user jiminyshiznit, who has a very cool flickr set.

Here's some more background on the Portland Aerial Tram, and the official PAT website.


Ricky said...

ooh.. so futuristic. I wanna ride it!

Ryan Thompson said...

There's a man who values his privacy. I thought this story was great :D