18 February 2010

Where's the Airport?

Back in December while traveling through the new Indy Airport, I hit up google maps just for a refresher on how to get to the new terminal. I noticed that Google maps was still giving directions to the old terminal (and it still does, even now, eight months after the new airport went online). This morning, I get this friendly little email from the Google team.

Hi j,

Your Google Maps problem report has been reviewed, and you were right! We'll update the map soon and email you when you can see the change.

Report history
Problem ID: A7FD-E0BE-1B3D-B302

Your report:
There is a new Indianapolis International Airport. The airport is now accessed via I-70, the official address is 7800 Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Drive Indianapolis, IN 46241 All searches for IND still lead to the old airport.

Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team

What's at the old terminal now anyway? Did they tear it down? Are there signs warning you that you're no longer heading towards the right airport? I keep imagining rolling up in front of the old terminal, grabbing my bag out of the trunk, waving goodbye as my ride drives away and then turning around to realize the airport is completely dark and deserted.
Seriously google maps, the place opened months ago, and we're not talking about a total backwater airport, its the 14th largest city in the country!


Hughesers said...

There are signs at the old terminal. If you manage to bypass them, you'll find a deserted ghost town. I think they are hoping to sell it or rent it out but it sits vacant. For some reason, the local news organizations like to tour it every few months so people can see it.
Google maps has a picture of my house that is several years old. 2003 I think. Although I admit I live in the country and the airport is a bit more of a priority.

apoptosis said...

I'm pretty sure parts of the old airport are being used still.. at least as of Oct. 2009. I drove by and noticed a couple of planes taxiing around some hangers. They looked like private planes though... maybe it'll be a place to train new pilots? or just a launch pad for Indy's rich elite. A private airstrip for a private jet and a private double life?

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Oregarus said...

Hello Hollywood...It's time for a new Die Hard film.

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