22 November 2009

DIY public art

Some new guerrilla art is popping up around the neighborhood lately. I'm almost always biking around in the dark these days, spotting these things but not being able to get a decent picture. I just happened to make it out in the daylight with the camera today between storms.

Tire Dragon at the east end of the Failing Pedestrian Bridge.

Little signs with what seem like excerpts of a bigger story have been popping up around the 'hood lately. In this vacant lot on Tillamook St, the signs are placed as if in the rooms of the former house that stood here. Very cool.

TV full of art for sale. Leave cash? N. Williams Ave.

Frogs! Lots of frogs in the Port City parking lot.


h.Lo said...

I love those signs. How sweet! I'm secretly hoping it's some guy's clever way of proposing.

Anonymous said...

The tire dragon was recently vandalized :( I may try to go out and fix it