23 March 2009

Sassy Jack's

I finally made it back to my old "Cheers bar" over the weekend. I used to live three blocks from Sassy Jack's Pub in Montavilla, but moved out of the neighborhood about four years ago.
I started going there with my housemate soon after it opened, they took over a sketchy meth-den bar that I had only stepped foot in once. The new owners gave the place a lot of love and made it a quirky little bar with cheap beers and homemade mid-western food.
(SOS Monday, Hell yeah!)
I've only been back there a handful of times since then. Montavilla is off my usual path anymore, and the place was really smokey until the smoking ban. Now the place is all aired out and expanded with more pool tables and more room for dancing on weekend nights when they have a live band.

The mural of all the original regulars, with unfortunate flash blowout.

Oregarus and I still hold our positions in the upstairs windows.

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