03 October 2007

Halloween costume ideas

"Ten Halloween Costumes that are just Sick and Wrong" from themishmash.com
A new daily browse for me. I especially appreciate the "Dolt of the Day" feature.
I think Wonder Woman there, #6 on the list is a fellow Portlander. That street looks like Old Town, and I swear I've seen her before.

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Shinygrape said...

We have an event called the "Henri David Ball" in downtown Philadelphia and it's 60-70% "wrong" costumes just like Ms. Wonder Woman there. There is this guy that goes as Glenda the Goodwitch every year, but is always totally wasted all the time so the whole thing is...surreal. If you want to go as a "Wrong" costume, I actually have a blog up with a couple ideas - I want to see pictures of this stuff, dag-nab-it!http://www.wiccanchicken.com/wiccanchicken/2007/10/halloween-costume-ideas.html