17 October 2006

Cat Jacked!

Update! The car was found unharmed except for a stain from a melty bag of groceries on the carpet.

This was about to be a post about my trip to Silver Falls State Park. I've got some mediocre pictures on flickr, check them out. It pretty much tells the story. I didn't get a pic of the world's largest glockenspeil in Mt. Angel, or the divey bar where we ate lunch in Silverton, on the "creekside deck" which turned out to be a perch high above a beer commercial rocky shallow creek.
Only pics of the falls loop hike. They all kinda look like dollar store jigsaw puzzles. Oh yeah, and the punk rock wooley worm on the way back to the
The big story however is that of my upstairs neighbors, Satchmo & Beatrix. Satch has lived up there forever, B is a recent addition. The two of them run amok, back and forth across the apartment for about 15 minutes as soon as their person leaves each morning.

The two have been in an unfortunate adventure as of late...
So, their person pulls up to her S.O.'s place in the 'Couv. She takes some stuff inside, leaves the car unlocked because she's going back out to get the cats in just a minute. Then the car drives away, cats inside... KGW tells the story better than I can.

Good news! I have just rubb
ed Satch's ears. He is now home safe and B will be returning shortly. As for the car, neighbor is driving an unfortunate PT Cruiser with CA plates, which tells me that her Mazda has not yet returned home.

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Oregarus said...

I nearly spit out a mouthful of water last night when the tv news show broke that story. OMF'nG. That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long while. John the news just happens all around you. Huh!