13 June 2006

The Garden Set

This post was a link to my Flickr set of pics that I took for the family back in BF Indiana to look at, but then I started to get paranoid. Things like, "shit, my house number is visible in that one pic," and "now some bastard can come to my garden and violate my Zinnias." You know, paranoid shit along those lines. So I took down the link. I know Oregarus saw them, but he can violate my Zinnias anytime he wants. Its the rest of ya'll that I'm not so sure about.

Tonight is my final "free pizza wednesday" as I have come to call it. G's wednesday night class is over as of tonight, and he always buys me pizza before he has to go to class since we don't have time for a proper dinner. Aww, how sweet. Guess I'll have to find another way to cop a free slice, oh, wait, I know...

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